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We used an A.I. to make Jordy OLD!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials, AI Tools

AI, EBSYNTH, Old Effect

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Using an A.I. software we made a video of Jordy appearing very old. Inspired by the VFX work on Robert de Niro from the Irishman.

Ageing and De-ageing effect

Changing somebodies age is a very common effect in the world of movies. Sometimes it’s something subtle, for example when a monster sucks the life out of a helpless victim.

But you also have movies that are completely full with ageing effects. A great example for this is the movie Irish Man, where they made both lead actors younger through special effects. In real life both actors are somewhat older. But because the movie follows their life over several years, they needed to make them younger and older.

Robert De Niro Aged throughout the Irishman
Robert De Niro throughout the Irishman

Ageing Techniques

Of course their are a lot of different techniques to achieve an older or younger age. If you have the skill you can use make up and prosthetics to achieve some very realistic effects. But let’s say we don’t have those skills.

David Bowie Aged in the movie The Hunger
David Bowie Aged in the movie The Hunger

However what we do have is VFX knowledge and there are a few techniques you can use to make yourself younger or older. One is of course DeepFake and can be a really strong technique for adjusting the age of your actor. Sadly it’s not that easy to make, so that’s why we used a different technique for this video.

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4 thoughts on “We used an A.I. to make Jordy OLD!”

  1. WOW!…absolutely genius and thoughtful trouble-shooting…and an entirely convincing old man Jordy! Freaking Fantastic work! I love your collaborative works, guys; ideation through posting to YT. Your works are required viewing in my classes.


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