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Anime Inspired Super Punch Effect

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, anime, boku no hero, my hero academia

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Learn how to recreate the Detroit Smash (super punch effect) from My Hero Academia in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Anime live action

Lately we have been doing A LOT of anime related CopyCats. We love making them and you guys love watching them. And it’s already been a month since we did our last one so it only makes sense to do one again. This week we chose for Boku No Hero aka My Hero Academia. This Anime follows the story of a boy without superpowers in a superpower society. One day he does gain powers and want’s to peruse his dream of becoming a professional super hero.

Time management

Every CopyCat we create a whole sketch to showcase the effect. This sketch is based on one of the episodes of the Anime.

Deku’s Detroit Smash

Yannick and I love the shot where his shirt rips of, of his arm when charging up. It’s so epic and showcases how much power he is building up. So I spend some time making a rough test of this effect. I did this in Cinema4d, where I created a Cloth, Cloth collider and an attractor force to rip the cloth to pieces.

Rough test of ripping cloth

We quickly realized that getting this to look realistic was gonna take some time… time we sadly didn’t have if we wanted to deliver a finished sketch. So we decided to step away from this idea. This is something you’ll definitely come across in your filmmaking career. Sometimes you get these insane ideas to add to your video but due to deadlines it wont be possible or will be but at the sacrifice of the quality of your work. So its better to take a step back and spend that time on the details of your project.


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