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Compositing EXPLOSIONS like HOLLYWOOD (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

compositing, explosion, ignite

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Learn how to create explosions in Adobe After Effects using composition techniques used in Hollywood films like James Bond Spectre in this tutorial video.

How to Create an Explosion

Explosions are not easy to make. Basically it has to be a simulation, created by a dedicated software. For Adobe After Effects there’re particle plugins with an option for the particles to behave as an explosion. But it stays tricky since there’s more to it than fire bursting. There’s also a big grey cloud that emits from the ignite.

So to get your explosion as realistic as possible, we need to start looking at dedicated plugins and programs. There are several options, but we chose for X-Particles, which is a plugin for Cinema4D.

If you’re familiar with Cinema4D already, it’s fairly easy to start learning X-Particles and its explosion emulator.

X-Particles Explosio
X-Particles Explosia plugin in Cinema4D

VFX Stock Clips

But now, lets be honest. Making explosions yourself is unnecessary. On the internet (ie. Storyblocks) you can find thousands of explosion stock clips, ready to use in After Effects!

The big problem with such stock clips is that you’re always limited to one camera angle. So if you have a drone shot or filming from a low angle, it’s often times tricky to find the right explosions.

That’s why we’ve created a new VFX pack called IGNITE. It’s a collection of 20 explosions, each can be rotated to match the perspective of your shot.

Since they are pre-rendered with an alpha layer, it goes super fast!


Our brand new ‘IGNITE’ explosion pack is launching today and is exclusively available as part of the Video Creator Bundle 2021. You get 33 products worth over $4,000 for only $157! Included is our brand new IGNITE pack.

IGNITE - Rotatable Explosions
Rotating an Explosion from the IGNITE pack

All explosions are made at 3K resolution 30FPS, but we’re currently re-rendering everything at 5k resolution 120FPS. Everyone who purchases the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle, will receive an email in the near future to receive this upgrade for FREE! (expected late 2021)

We’re going to put INGITE up for sale on our website once the 5K120FPS explosions are done.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

2 thoughts on “Compositing EXPLOSIONS like HOLLYWOOD (After Effects Tutorial)”

  1. Hi!

    I purchased the complete deal and wanted to use your effect in AE. Unfortunatly i get an expression error that i can’t resolve. Any help would be nice.


  2. Hi!
    I’ve been sick and missed this nice 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle, and I wonder if you’re going to sell the Ignite pack seperate?


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