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Create Black Demon Eyes from Billie Eilish

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Billie Eilish, Demon Eye Effect, Special Effects, Super Natural, The Witcher, Visual Effects

Learn how to recreate the Black Demon Eyes effect from Billie Eilish her music video ‘Bury a friend’ in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

 We often get the request to recreate the demon eye effects from Super Natural or the Witcher.  But for today’s Copy Cat Friday we are doing the demon eyes effect from Billie Eilish with bury a friend. But don’t worry this effect is completely the same. Just pitch black eyes, ready to suck you into eternal damnation. So like you can see this effect is quite popular in the film scene, especially within the horror genre.

Now of course the black eyes have the meaning of evil or the presence of evil. But why does this small alteration to a normal human cause such a unsettling feeling? Well this is because of the Uncanny valley effect. This effect is a common unsettling feeling people experience when audio/visual simulations closely resemble humans in many ways but are not quite realistic enough. For example a Bunraku puppet or a zombie. These examples resemble a human but differ in a small way which make them scary and unsettling.


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