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Create Film Locations That Don’t Exist (Adobe Tutorial)

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After Effects, Masking, Post Production, premiere pro, set extension, Tracking

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Learn how to create a set extension with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Film in locations that are surreal or don’t exist using this simple trick.

Something very important when filming is the location. If you are shooting a short movie or even a YouTube video, the location of your shot will determine quite a lot. Okay for YouTube, it wouldn’t make such a great impact if you film in the park or in your garden. But it will still contribute to the shot and will also help set some sort of mood for the video. And this of course super important for short movies. Every location you film in has to have a reason why you shot there. Every attribute in the location has to have a meaning. Because a good location can really give your shot that something extra.

But sometimes it isn’t really possible to film in the location you want. Because let’s be real, we don’t have big budgets to spend on our videos. We can’t just take all our gear and fly to some country to flim a beautiful castle. This isn’t really possible, so luckily we have a solution for u. Set extension or compositing, it’s a film making technique often used in big productions to create locations that don’t exists. But you can also use it to modify or expand locations you already shot. A great example for this is Game of thrones, which filmed a city in Croatia to represent Kings landing. In post production they just added the buildings they needed extra. This is of course much easier and more realistic then completely creating a city in 3D. However you still need some skill and knowledge to create a convincing set extension, but our video tutorial will help you with you first steps towards your own Game of Thrones.

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