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5 Effects UNDER 5 MINUTES from Eminem – Godzilla (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, blender, Eminem, Eminem Godzilla, Lego barf, Lego Puke, Visual Effects

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Create 5 Easy and Fast effects from the Music Video Godzilla by Eminem ft. Juice WRLD. Learn how to create these with After Effects in this tutorial.

As you can see by the title we made a SUPER COMPACT EXTRAVAGANZA COPYCAT FRIDAY! Godzilla by Eminem was one of the most requested music videos ever in Cinecom history. Next to this it’s  even  the most requested effect together with the disintegration effect! We wanted to teach you guys as many effect as possible so we decided on these 5 effect.

However I want to talk about one specific effect, The Lego Barf effect. In the Music Video they did this in a 3D software so we also tried this before going to a practical version off it.

Eminem puking Legos

I’m new to Blender so this was not an easy task. I decided to try out to create the barf fluid since I have no experience at all with fluid simulations. Also because making lego fall onto a plane and letting it collide with the ground isn’t that hard.

While doing research I had struggles finding good tutorials or forums where they explain easy how it worked. So it took me a while to get the hang of how fluids work. After a while I got it and started experimenting with the thickness of it. Vomit is quit thick and sticks together so I needed to change my water like fluid to this.

Puke like animation

After a whole day I achieved this effect and let’s say…It doesn’t really look realistic. For some reason my “puke” looks more like a living slime running around. So this is why we decided to do it practical.

Storyblocks Video

This video was supported by Storyblocks Video, an easy to use site full of stock footage, After Effects templates, backgrounds, motion Graphics and much more.

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