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Fake Lightsaber Cuts Everything Like The Hacksmith in after effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, after effects tutorial, hacksmith, light saber, Star Wars, the hack smith, The mandalorian

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Cut through metal like a real Jedi in After Effects. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Particle System to create a molten metal effect.

Mandalorian is back…soon

Do you remember last year when The Mandalorian came out? Everybody was talking about it and especially about “Baby Yoda”. It received millions of views and so much love that a second season was expected. And finally after almost a year the first episode of the second season is being released on the 30th October.

With this release date you see more and more hype building up around it. That’s why we just have to jump on the hypetrain and dedicate todays video to the Star Wars universe.


If you are active on YouTube you must know this guy. He recreates fictional ideas from comic’s, movies and videogames. He made an ironman suit, wolverine claws, a light saber and much more. Recently he went viral with his new and improved lightsaber. It can retract and actually cuts metal, even glass! So thats why we had to take on this challenge and create or own working lightsaber… in with some help of After Effects ofcourse.

What did we use?

For todays tutorial we put the focus on the melting effect that you see when Jedi’s are melting down things such as metal doors. The lightsaber itself we won’t explain since we already did this in a previous video.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

We wanted to make this effect as easy as possible and that’s why we went for the particle system. This gives you the ability to draw the path however you want. So if for example you have multiple shots you can just copy and past it and only have to change the scale and path of the melting animation.

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