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Floating Message Bubbles (Eminem – Fall) – After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D camera tracker, message bubble, notification, Tracking

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Learn how to create floating message bubbles or mobile notifications like in the music video Fall from Eminem in this Adobe After Effects Tutorial. 3D track your camera movements and pin point the message animations.

Last Tuesday we released a brand new video pack with 10 Stylish Title templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. We had different plans but Lorenzo called in sick on Monday and Yannick is still on vacation in Sri Lanka. So that left me alone, making this video pack on Monday and a fun video about it on Tuesday.

But thank goodness, Lorenzo has returned for Copy Cat Friday! He’s not 100% yet, but I’m very happy he can come back to work. We needed some more hands, so my girlfriend Kim was happy to help us out.

Eminem – Fall

There wasn’t much trending this week in the Music or film industry, so we looked at last week and saw that many of you guys where asking about the effects from Eminem’s new clip Fall. There’re a ton of great effects in that music video, such as the dark demon following Eminem, jumping through walls and of course the message bubbles.

When we look for an effect to recreate, we want it to be as accessible as possible. The demon requires an advanced skill set in After Effects, which we wouldn’t even get perfect. And jumping through a wall is either done with a fake wall that is build is such a way that allows you to jump safely through it, or with the help of some 3D. In other words, not so accessible for anyone.

The bubbles on the other hand is just a simple 3D camera tracking in After Effects, which we covered several times on the channel before.

Eminem Fall - Message Bubbles
Eminem Fall – Message Bubbles


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  1. Hey guys, love the tutorials. How about taking a look at LSD’s, Thunderclouds video. Really cool cloud effect and much more. Thanks


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