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3D freeze effect by DJ khalid & post malone in After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Dj Khaled, editing tricks, Freeze frame effect, Masking, Post Malone, time freeze

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Learn how to create the 3D Freeze Frame effect from DJ Khaled ‘Celebrate’ ft. Post Malone and Travis Scott in this easy and simple Adobe After Effects Tutorial video.

We the best Youtube channel! That’s something Dj Khaled would say if he would work for us. But luckily we aren’t that vein, however we do find one thing of ours pretty awesome, Copy Cat Friday. We love to recreate effects in simple but inventive ways and  explain them to you. Of course today isn’t any different and we are explaining a freeze frame effect from a new video clip from Dj Khaled.

The video is a collaborating with Post Malone and Travis Scott, with the name Celebrate. Throughout the entire music video, you can see scenes where people are standing still while the camera moves through them. This isn’t that hard to recreate, because the only thing you need to do for this effect is stand really still. Once all of your actors are standing still, you can move with you camera throughout the scene and boom you have the effect from the music video. Of course they added some extra effects within post production like explosions and water droplets. But this is also not that hard to add and if you want to learn how to do that, we have a tutorial about 3D camera tracking within After Effect that explains that entirely.

However if you can’t stand still just like Jordy, we have the perfect solution for that. But this is something you have to find out when you watch the tutorial of today.

Freeze Frame Effect After Effects Dj Khaled
Freeze Frame Effect from Dj Khaled – Celebrate

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