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Glowing Scribble Effect from Kendrick Lamar (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Kendrick Lamar, scribble animation

Create a glowing scribble effect in this easy to follow After Effects tutorial. This scribble animation is inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s music video LOVE feat. Zacari.

It’s time again for our favorite part of the week, Copy Cat Friday! And what’s better then making an effect from Kendrick Lamar? Making a Scribble effect from Kendrick’s new video “Love”. We already did a video about creating a scribble effect with Bruno Mars as example. But we did the effect in Premiere Pro and this time we are using After Effects for the effect. We did this because you have more animating options in After Effects, so the effect will be easier to create.

Kendrick’s new video uses two lights and infinite black as the back ground to create very cinematic shots. One light is a back light and give the subject a very nice light line on his back. The second light is at first also a back light, but they use a dolly to move it forward and creating a key light on the subject. They utilize this light change perfectly in combination with the scribble effect. The scribble lines empathize the cinematic lighting and gives it the extra punch.


Like I mentioned earlier, we used After Effects for this effect because of the possibilities the software has. You can try to recreate the effect in Premiere Pro, but this is to time consuming and not as good as the results in After Effects. But this is only logical, because After Effects is specially designed for creating special effects and motion design. Personally I’m a big fan of motion design, because I’m a graphic designer and that’s how my passion for film started. So this project with the scribble effect is perfect for me and really hits my designer spot!


This video was made possible by Premiumbeat.com, a high quality stock website for music and sound effects. You can find the song we used right here.

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