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Google streetview effect in After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

adobe, Copy Cat, Google street view, premiere pro, recreate, Vince Staples

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Recreate the Google Streetview effect from Vince Staples ‘FUN!’, music video in this Adobe After Effects tutorials. Learn how to morph different photos and add distortions using CC Scale Wipe.

Welcome all to a new Copy Cat Friday, a series were we recreate famous effects. And this week we are recreating something so popular that everybody knows it. And I mean everybody, from young to old. Of course you already know what I’m taking about, because it’s in the title. But I always like to build some tension And now that that’s all away, let’s move on with the effect. Which is going to be the Google street view effect. While searching for a new idea we came by an older music video from Vince Staples, named Fun. In this video he shows you around his old neighborhood, but this all shown in google street view. A very cool way of using google street and very well executed. This is also what inspired us to recreate it.

To be honest it wasn’t an easy effect. At first when we saw it, we thought to ourselves this is going to be easy. Then after the first test, we started to notice we were wrong. Well half day later, with several other tests and we still didn’t knew how to pull off a good google street view effect. We were even getting desperate and thought about abandoning the idea. However with the final test we had an eureka moment and found a way to recreate it. Lucky because otherwise we had to find something else and it was already Wednesday evening. A little bit close to find an idea, test it and make an entire video around it.

Google street view effect
Woman falls on Google streetview

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  1. Please upload a video for how to get quality output from premier pro and how to compress large size of data without losing video quality for uploading the video on social media.


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