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How To Get sucked Into Your Phone Like DaBaby (Adobe After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

after effects tutorial, dababy, light burst, Mesh Warp, pulled through phone, sucked into phone

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Learn how to get pulled through your phone inside Adobe After Effects. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Puppet Pin tool, Mesh warp and much more.

Cartoonish effect

We all love cartoons and anime so this time we wanted to recreate an effect that has more of a cartoonish look to it. In DaBaby’s latest music video he gets pulled through his phone.

DaBaby - Pick Up
DaBaby – Pick Up

As you can see it’s a super fun effect so we had to recreate it. What we need is a phone, a green screen, a friend to help us out and of course a camera to film it and a computer to edit the effect. In After Effects we composite everything together and use the mesh warp effect to get the awesome cartoon effect.


For the lightburst coming out of the phone screen we used a stock clip from Storyblocks. But we can also make this ourselves with the CC Light Burst 2.5 Effect in Adobe After Effects. It’s a simple drag and drop effect that you can adjust to your likings. You’ll need to drag that to a solid layer, give it a color. And then adjust the center so you get the right position for your light burst. Play around with the intensity and ray length to get your desired look.

Pull Through Phone
Pull Through Phone Effect

3D phone or Real phone?

We used a real phone to shoot our falling phone shot. Of course we put some cloth underneath so it wouldn’t fall straight onto the ground. The cloth softens the fall and secures the phones from any damage. What you could also do is use a 3D phone. You can either model this yourself or find a model on the internet. But in my opinion it’s always better do to it for real because that you way you get more creative!

New Cinecom host

What did you think of our new Cinecom host, Lorenzo? Did he do a great job presenting this weeks CopyCat Friday? Since Yannick was on a well deserved holiday and Jordy and Gilles were stuck in their weird habits it was up to Lorenzo to save the day and present CopyCat Friday.

Lorenzo Presenting
Lorenzo presenting CopyCat Friday


Like I mentioned we used a light burst stock clip from Storyblocks Video. It’s a ginormous online library full of stock clips, overlays and all of that in HD and 4K quality. They also have a huge amount of After Effects templates that are completely customizable. So an ideal tool for professional and amateur filmmakers. To be honest, we use this almost every day at the office because it’s very time saving. Especially when you work with tight deadlines.

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4 thoughts on “How To Get sucked Into Your Phone Like DaBaby (Adobe After Effects)”

  1. Yes I loved Lorenzo, he was clear and straight to the point and his English is better than anyone on the show. Lol And his humour is natural and not forced. So very comfortable to watch.
    I love him 😍


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