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Insane Transition Tutorial in After Effects (13 Reasons Why)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

13 reasons why, Adobe After Effects, Camera Movements, Camera Tracking, seamsless transition, transitions

Learn how to create the insane seamless transitions from the ’13 Reasons Why’ seasons 3 trailer on Netflix. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial you will learn how 3D track two shots to each other.

Another Copy Cat Friday and this one feels like a déja vu. One year ago, season 2 of 13 Reasons Why came out and they announced it with a super cool trailer. Then you guys spammed us with requests to recreate it, so we did. And well this is happening again! Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is announced with again a super cool trailer. And again you guy spammed us with so many requests that we couldn’t ignore them.

To be honest, we were already thinking about recreating this cool transition effect from the new 13 Reasons Why trailer. After seeing it, we were thinking to ourselves ‘wow, this is genius! we have to do this.’ However we were so busy, we decided to wait with the effect until we had enough time to do something big with it.

But the requests kept coming and coming and coming. We had no choice, we had to do it as fast as possible to join the 13 Reasons Why trend. And this we did, sadly we couldn’t do it as big as we wanted. You were lacking some time with up coming holidays and various circumstances. That’s why we down scaled it a little, but no worries the principles stay exactly the same.

Seamless Transition from 13 Reasons Why

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