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Rick And Morty Portal effect in Adobe After Effects (Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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Learn how to recreate the Rick And Morty portal in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Rick And Morty Season 5

Rick and Morty are probably no strangers to you. Their interdimensional adventures are highly entertaining if you enjoy animated sitcoms. The most popular item from the show is definitely Rick’s portal gun. They use it in every single episode and is key to their adventures. So when Adult Swim announced that they would release season 5 on June 20 we had no choice but to recreate the portal effect.

Old effect

Portals are not new at all, they have been around for years in different movies and games. But they all look significantly different. We for example already made 2 different kind of portal effect in the past

Our very first tutorial was about the most famous portal of the game portal which is very basic. Here you only have a glowing fire like edge and in the middle you can see the other space.

Portal effect from the game Portal

The second one was about Dr. Strange’s portal. Yet again a very basic portal. Here you have an edge that has sparks flying around while it was spinning and on the inside you could see the other space.

Portal effect from Dr. Strange

However this time it is a bit more complicated because with Ricks portal we do actually have an inside to the portal. And also because our reference is a cartoon and not a real life image it get a little more difficult to choose the best looking “realistic” rick and Morty portal.

Portal effect from Rick and Morty

Whenever you are translating cartoons to real life which have specific looks you need to be creative. You cannot just 100% copy the effect and call it a day. You need to play around with it and go through a whole trail and error phase. This is also the reason a lot of these life action movies are bad because they don’t stick or go too far from the idea of the original animator.


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