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Scene Transition Effect from Joyner Lucas – ADHD

Published on

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Gimbal, Green Screen, Joyner Lucas, rotation effect

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Learn how to create the rotation scene transition from the music video ADHD by Joyner Lucas in this Adobe After Effects Tutorial.

I must say, today I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic due to the technique we used in this weeks video. As you saw, we recreated the cool rotation effect from Joyner Lucas his latest video revenge intro/ADHD. In this effect we spin around our actor and at the same time also hold a green screen behind that actor. And this technique really reminds me of the video we made for Maroon 5’s video girls like you. Here we also did a rotation effect, but with an extra twist. And fun fact, the maroon 5 video is our first video to hit one million views. It’s even been our top video for a very long time. And who knows, maybe this rotation effect from Joyner Lucas will eventually claim that title for it’s own. That all depends on you.

Joyner Lucas ADHD Rotation Effect

But enough about the video you probably already saw two times. Let’s talk about our new year’s resolutions. Did any of you made some? Well I did and no, they aren’t the typical cliche one. My resolution is learning 3D for special effect. Of course first it will be quite basic. But my plan will be to master Cinema 4D to really create stunning VFX scenes. And eventually I want to create my own VFX heavy Short movie. But that’s maybe more a 2021 resolution. Who knows. But if you want you can always let us know you resolutions in the comments, we would love to hear them.

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