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3 Sicko Effects from Travis Scott ft. Drake in Premiere Pro (Part 1)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Camera Movements, Drake, Hyperlapse, Sicko Mode, Slanting, Travis Scott

Learn how to create 3 effects in Adobe After Effects from the music video “Sicko mode” by Travis Scott Ft. Drake . In this video tutorial you will learn to create the Hyper lapse Effects from Travis and Drake and the slant camera movement.

As you probably already saw in the video from Creative Tuesday, Jordy is gone. Gone on a holiday for 10 days to Iceland. It is a dream of him to visit Iceland and hike through it’s beautiful nature while filming. And I can relate with him, who wouldn’t love to explore such a beautiful country. But best of all, making a super awesome travel video about it is even better. I also tried to do the same when I went to Sri Lanka, but I think I didn’t shot enough footage. At the start of the vacation I filmed a lot, but after a few days I decided to enjoy the view through my eyes and not my viewfinder. I somewhat regret that I didn’t film more, but in way I don’t. Because now I enjoyed everything in the moment with my girlfriend. However I did shoot something so I’ll maybe making something. And I am definitely looking forward to Jordy’s  travel video.

Hot Water Geyser In Iceland
Geyser in Iceland

But enough about travel videos, it’s time to create awesome effects from the newest Travis Scott music video, “Sicko Mode”. The video came out a week a go and went straight for the trending list. And it is well deserved but the music video and the effects in it are stunning. Not only are the cool, but the video is also packed with effects. That’s why we decided to do two videos about all the effects in it. This week we are recreating the Hyperlapse effects and the slant shot. So in a way we are recreating the Camera effects from the video. Can you guess what we are doing next week? I’ll give a tip, it has to do with post production…


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