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Standing on a Riding Car (After Effects tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Black Panther, Car Stunt, Fast Furious, Standing on Car, Visual Effects

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Learn how to create an action car chase scene with simple editing tricks and motion tracking in Adobe After Effects. Make your Project look professional with a thrilling action movie scene that amazes the audience.

Welcome back you guys to another Copy Cat Friday. If you are here for the first time, then I wish you a heartily welcome to our website and community of awesome filmmakers. Because we are so into Visual and Special effects these days we had the idea to keep Cop Cat in the same trend. So we came up with doing a stunt on a car. If you ever saw action movies, you probably know that they all have a car chase or stunt with a car. Especially with all the fast and furious movies, who solely exist out of car chases and stunts.  So we thought to ourselves that it would be the perfect theme to test our visual effects skills on. However, we made the scene a little less action and a bit more comedy.

When seeing the fast and furious movies you’ll probably think that everything or most of it is CGI. Well it will amaze you how many practical effects they use to keep the movies feeling realistic. A great example for this is the Zombie care scene from the last Fast and Furious movies. Here thousands of cars are hacked and drive for themselves into an intersection of destruction. In this scene you have a shot where you see a fleet of cars converging into an intersection, this was done digitally of course. Because nobody has that many robot cars! But all the rest of the zombie scene was quite real. They had almost 20 cars rigged and thrown out of a building. This was combined with real explosions and boom, you got a realistic apocalyptic car scene. So I think it’s pretty cool that you use that many practical effects, it gives the movies more character and authenticity!

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