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The Ultimate Spider-Man VFX Tutorial

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, spider man, Spiderman, swing effect, Web shooting

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How to create the Marvel Spider-Man web shooting, swinging and wall climbing in this Adobe After Effects VFX tutorial.

The most popular superhero is…

As you guys know we love to create superhero effects! At this point we already created 24 videos solely about Super Hero Visuals which you of course can binge watch right here. So no wonder today we again wanted to create something related to superheroes.

This time we didn’t want to make a normal CopyCat but more of a special one. That’s why we decided not to do 1 effect but MULTIPLE. We wanted to create the most complete Spider-man tutorial there is! One tutorial where you can learn all the tricks YOU need to become just like him. BTW do you know that Spider-man is the most popular superhero at the moment?

Spider-man Rope pull

Its always cool to be able to interact with your VFX. That’s why we looked for a way to pull and stretch the rope of your web. Honestly we were amazed how easy this is to achieve. You simply track your shot and pin both sides of the rope(one to your hand and the other to the object it needs to stick) Which creates this cool effect.

web rope pull

Advanced Rope Swing

In the past we already did a Swing effect where we showed you how to swing from point A to B using a rope. However this does have some side effects like not being able to swing anywhere you want or only be able to swing in a straight line. This is why we wanted to do a more advanced version of this.

For this one you’ll need a green screen. Hang on a rope and act like your swinging in the air, film different perspectives depending on the shot you have where you’ll be swinging. Now just animate the green screen shot of you swinging and add some motion blur to sell the effect. The cool thing about this is that you can swing anywhere you want to as long as you can match the two shots together.

Spider Man Swinging
Spider Man Swinging


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