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Trippy Face Distortion in After Effects – Valentino Khan

Published on

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, animating, Masking, Mesh Warp Effect, mocha, reverse Stabilizing, Special effect, Visual Effects, Warp Stabilizer

In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to create the Morphing face effect from the music video Deep Down Low by Valentino Khan. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial you will learn how to use the Mesh distortion.

A little while ago we uploaded our first React video which was about weird music videos. You guys seemed to love this and even wanted to know how to make the effects from these music videos. So for todays Copy Cay friday we’ll be taking a look at Deep Down Low from Valentino Khan. This video contains many different effect from eyes moving across the face to tentacles coming out of a girls eyesockets. We’ll be creating the eyes moving effect because it was the most requested of all and also let’s be honest, It looks really funny!

We’ll be using masks buts also the mesh warp effect. This effect will create a grid of beziers over the clip you have selected. You can manipulate each point to move and distort a certain part of the image. This effect is really popular for transitions. In this example you can see the building morphing to another building.

You could also use this for face morphs. You move each part of the first face to align with the second face and use a crossfade to have a nice face morph transition.

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