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USELESS Effects everyone NEEDS! (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, expressions, Templates

Learn about the useless expression control effects in this Adobe After Effects tutorial and how to create motion graphics templates.

Expression Controls

Expressions are pieces of code that we can add to any property in Adobe After Effects. But sometimes we need something simple to control these expressions. And that’s where expression controls come in.

These are things like a slider, a color picker, point control and more. By default they don’t do anything, they’re pretty useless. But once we hook them up to an expression, they become very useful!

The Slider Control Effects in Adobe After Effects

Motion Graphics Templates

In our latest class we teach how to make your own templates in After Effects, which can be used in Premiere Pro. We can do this for either our own library of templates or to sell on a marketplace such as Storyblocks.

One thing is important though; make your templates user friendly! A simple checkbox or a slider control comes a long way. That’s were these expression controls really shine.

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