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Impact Disintegration effect from Netflix’s Warrior Nun

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

after effects tutorial, Disintegration Effect, Netflix, Vaporize, warrior nun

Learn how to create the Impact Disintegration effect from a Netflix original Series, Warrior Nun. Use Adobe After Effects and simple track matte technique to create professional VFX.

What is Warrior nun

On July the 2nd Netflix released its new series Warrior Nun. The series is based on the comic book Warrior Nun Areala. The story revolves around a young woman who wakes up in a morgue. They put an artifact in her back which makes her part of the an ancient order to protect earth from demons.

Cover of the Comic Areala Warrior Nun
The American manga Warrior Nun Areala

Creativity at its finest

If you watched the series already you probably noticed the strange episode titles. When I saw them I instantly knew these titles referred to the bible. And if you take the time to look them up you can see they are also not picked randomly. These always have something in common with that specific episode. For example the First episode is called “Psalms 46:5” which means “god is within her, she shall not fall!” this probably refers to the artifact that they put into the main character so that god is within her.

Warrior Nun Episode Titles
All the episodes in Season 1

I think it’s really awesome that they decide to go the extra mile and have fun with these titles. But they are not the only ones. Probably to most recognizable one is Friends. This FAMOUS series has 10 seasons and EVERY episode title starts with “The One…” followed by what happens in that episode. Making it really easy to remember a certain episode. However the series finale was called “The Last One”

This shows that you are not forced to only be creative with the movie itself. You can play with the title or episode names to enhance the story or the experience around it.


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