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11 Tips to Edit Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

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Learn how to edit faster and more efficient in Adobe Premiere Pro. Workflow tips, learn how to make presets and templates in this tutorial video.

11 Tips for faster editing in premiere

We all love a quick and efficient editing workflow when editing in Premiere Pro. So we found 11 tips that will help you out!

Tip 1: Workspaces in Premiere Pro

We all know that we can adjust our panels in Premiere, but whether you’re working on one monitor or multiple monitors, make sure that your workspace is clean. Every panel that you don’t need you can disable. You can even make multiple workspaces for different uses (like one for editing, one for color grading, …). This makes it all way more orderly and practical. Don’t forget to save these workspaces of course. You can even take them with you on a harddrive or USB stick so you can install them on other pc’s.

Tip 2 : Animation shortkeys

This is actually something new since the latest updates of Premiere but you can now add keyboard shortcuts to the temporal interpolation ease in and ease out, so no more right click on those damn keyframes from now on.

Tip 3: Audio shortkeys

Other shortkeys that you definitely have to add are the increase and decrease clip volume shortcuts. With this you can simple decrease (or increase) your audio by one decibel and if you hold shift you can decrease it five decibels. Super useful and it gives a lot of control.

Tip 4: Control

Whenever you’re animating a clip you don’t need to select the pen tool to add keyframes, you can just hold control on your keyboard. How useful is that!

Multiple Workspaces
Multiple workspaces in Adobe Premiere Pro

Tip 5: Remove unused

Whenever you’re using a ton of clips in your project it will become very slow, so when you head over to the edit menu and select remove unused. This will remove all the clips that you didn’t use in your project and it will make everything go faster that way.

Tip 6: Project panel organisation

With the little plus icon in the project panel you can arrange the different tools for your program monitor, we like to keep this clean and organised with only the most used tools visible. For us that’s the mute fx button, safe margins, rulers & guides and a playback loop.

Tip 7: Freeform storyboarding

When you’re in the project panel you can select the freeform icon, when you then enlarge the project panel by double clicking on it you have a nice overview of all your footage. You can then drag them around and group then scene per scene. You can even make a visible storyboard this way which will make it a lot easier to edit with afterwards.

Tip 8: Dummy presets

If you apply an effect to a clip (for instance the transform effect) and make an animation with keyframes you can delete the first keyframes, save the effect as a preset and use it again on other clips. When you then adjust the animation by making new beginning keyframes you already have a perfect animation with smooth keyframes and a smooth animation curve.

Tip 9: Dummy projects

Just like with presets we can make project templates, simply add the elements (like an intro, music or sfx) that you always use, adjust the audio mixer, place an adjustment layer and then just save project. You can name it template and copy and paste it for every new project so you always start with everything ready to use. You only have to add your clips and done!

Tip 10: Dummy motion graphics

And of course we can make even more templates, but this time with the motion graphics. You can even add images or video files, put some effects on them, even add some titles and then save it as a motion graphic in the local templates folder. Whenever you use it again you can always go in the project panel and replace the source footage with a new clip, the rest of the animation will stay the same only the clip will be replaced.

Tip 11: LUTs

Last but not least, LUTs. I’ve seen so many people going into their lumetri panel and each time they click on browse and search their entire pc for that specific LUT. But did you know that you can just add those LUT files in your program files and put them in the technical and creative folder, that way they will automatically be available inside Premiere Pro!

LG UltraFine Ergo

For this video we had the opportunity to edit with the LG UltraFine Ergo monitor, which is a super nice monitor. It has an arm on the back which you can attach to your desk. It swivels 360 degrees, tilts up and down, retracts and it even pivots so you can use it vertically. Super ergonomic which is a great thing for editors who often have neck or back complaints.

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