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2D Wave Text Reveal Intro in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Create a text reveal in Premiere Pro. Learn how to create organic sea waves in a 2D cartoon style for your next summer intro title video.

When watching a video, the first thing people will see is the intro. This intro is crucial and will determine if the viewer will watch on or stop. It’s the first impression of your video and you want it to be good. In this tutorial we explain how you can make a Wavy Summer intro sequence. The time of summer is here and with all the sunny events lining up, it’s perfect to use a summer feeling into in your videos to give it that something extra!

But when making these intro sequences you have to pay attention to a few things. The first important tip is choosing the correct font. The style of you font will help determine the style of you film.  Try to pick something timeless, a clean and simple font will normally do the trick. A over stylized font, like textured fonts, can look very cheap and can go out of date very quick. Something you don’t really want when making a successful movie that has to been seen for many years to come.

Another tip is don’t over-animate the titles. A few years ago it was a trend to animate the titles to match the picture. But this trend is slowly fading away. There are yet a few indie filmmakers still attempting to animate their titles, hoping it will add some production value. But out of our experience is better to keep your text simple. You can always work with additional animated elements, but make sure the animation style matches your video. A great example of an animated intro is the one from ‘Catch me if you can’

Intro Sequence: Catch me if you can


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