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4 Crazy Transitions From TikTok in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Effects, tiktok, transition, transitions

Learn how to create 4 Seamless TikTok Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial we recreate popular TikTok VFX.

With Limits comes creativity

I think at this point I don’t have to explain what TikTok is anymore. Currently the app has 800 million monthly active users which ranks it the 7th most popular Social platform, following right after Instagram which has 1.08 billion.

The app has everything, from a HUGE song library to filters and effects to even being able to record and edit inside of the app. Of course this editing software is not as advanced as premiere pro but it gets the job done. You can trim your clip and put a timer for recording to start and stop. Really basic as you can see. Yet these limitations make the users be super creative to achieve certain effects in a clever yet simple way.

In our video we showed you guys 4 seamless transitions. So here I want to show 2 more transitions/effects which didn’t make the cut. But are still worthy to talk about.

Head spin effect

Let’s not wast any more time and get right into it. This Head spin effect is super cool and fairly easy to do! First record yourself moving close to the camera and put your hand on your chin so you cover your neck. Here you have your first cut. Now take of your hoodie and prop it up so it looks like your body is still on the same place. Now position your head where it was on the last frame, move up and away and turn your head upwards fast . Cut again, spin your head back 180°, press record and spin up again. Keep doing this as long as you want. To go back to your body just move your head back to the hoodie, cut and put it back on.

Head spin

The next one is this bucket hat throw. First prop your hoodie up so it looks like a body without a head. Stand behind it and throw the hat in front of the hoodie. Try to cover the lens as much as possible with the hat. Cut here and now put on the hoodie and the hat. Move you head a bit up and record again. Bump your head forward to match the movement of the first shot and there you go!

Bucket Hat Throw Transition

As you can see cool effects don’t always need tons and tons of post production. These simple tricks are just done by pressing stop and play. Sometimes these limitations are good so it challenges us filmmakers to keep it simple and not over to overdue it.

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