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5 Blending Effects in Premiere Pro (super cool stuff!)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

blending modes, premiere pro

Create 5 cool effects using blending modes in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial video you learn how to change the blending mode of different clips to create unique effects.

Blending Modes is like paint

Do you remember when you mixed paint for the first time? Discovering mixing colors made new ones, experimenting which color you would get if you used a little more blue and a little less red? Well that’s exactly what we are doing today! Not with paint of course but with video clips.

In todays video Jordy will show you five awesome effects you can create with blending modes. And after this go ahead and experiment, throw some random effects, add more layers with each another blending mode and see what you get. Maybe you’ll find the next effect to make a viral video!

The most famous blending method is probably the one where you only use the opacity to blend two clips together. When doing this you make the upper clip more or less see through revealing the one below it. But you have way more possibilities than that. Currently Premiere Pro has 27 to be exact!

Creative intro sequence

This is such a simple yet cool technique even bigger production use it. From Taylor Swift her music videos to even HBO Series! True Detective is not only an amazing show but also has one of the best intro sequences ever. Here they used blending modes to show landscapes and animals through humans silhouettes acting like windows. I can highly recommend to check it out if you didn’t see the intro yet.

True Detective
Intro Sequence True Detective

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