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5 Color Grading Hacks You Must Know (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

5 Hacks, Color Grading, Creative Tuesday, Tips and Tricks

Learn 5 simple and fast Color Grading Hacks for more cinematic video. Use these easy tips and tricks for a faster color grading workflow.

We have exciting news! Like you have probably seen in the video, we have an office dog (Auri)! It’s only temporarily, but it’s still fun to have one! But all the cuteness aside, we are here for being creative. In this weeks tutorial we are exactly doing that with our 5 new Color Grading hacks that will make your video look more cinematic. We will use simple tips and tricks to create a professional and cinematic look. And that in a fast way, so you can spend more time filming and editing.

Personally I find Color Grading one of the most important aspects of Post Production. You can have beautiful shots and a perfect editing, if you don’t grade your footage properly some while be missing in you video. Color gives something extra and can be a story on it’s on. A perfect example for this is Sin City, where everything is Black and White except for one color in that scene. This will draw your attention to that color and emphasize the subject wearing it.

But it doesn’t always have to be that obvious, you can also very subtle in your grading. One of my favorite director is a master in subtle Color grading. He creates a dusty pastel looks and this makes his images timeless. He even goes so far, that he spends hours during post production to find the perfect color palette.

Color Grading Like Wes Anderson


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