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5 Easy Editing Hacks in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

editing, Hacks, Post Production

5 easy editing hacks that every filmmaker must know and that will improve your editing to take it to the next level.

Over the years every filmmaker creates his own style of editing and making videos. But we can always learn more and improve. In this tutorial we use editing hacks which you can use in most of the editing software. These hacks will help you improve you workflow, what can lead to more creativity. These hacks vary from keyframing to fake movement to cutting you footage.

fake camera movement is often used in movies. This can be because there was to little time to take the shots or the equipment wasn’t available. But luckily you can do a lot in post production. I know we always say ‘don’t fix it in post’. But sometimes when needed you just have to fix it in post. With some simple keyframing of the scale,  position and rotation you can achieve a very realistic handheld motion. Of course nothing can beat a real camera movement, but a fake movement can be a good alternative.

Another effect we explain is the dolly zoom, a very popular effect used in various big movies. But the first one who introduced it was Hitchcock in his famous movies Vertigo. He used the effect to emphasize height and create a dizziness. The Dolly zoom is a optical illusion created by zooming in or out and tracking the camera forwards or backwards at the same time. The result is that the foreground stays at the same place while the background seems to stretch or squeeze. So the dolly zoom a fantastical tool at the disposal of the filmmaker and can be very powerful when creating certain feelings and atmospheres.

Jaws – Close
Jaws – Long


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