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5 Sky Replacement Effects in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

blue key, Green Key, luma key, Masking, premiere pro, Sky Replacement

Learn how to create a stunning sky replacement effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the luma key, ultra key, set extention techniques and a day/night tricks.

Welcome back guys for another cool Copy Cat Friday video tutorial. Today we recreating a popular effect used in current Music Videos. As you look at the new Future music video or the new one from Chris Brown, you see them dancing in front of a special sky. This can vary from abnormal colors to a super big moon, you name it. So we decided it would be perfect for our next Copy Cat friday. We will show you five different ways to do a sky replacement worthy of a music video.

Sky replacement is a very common effect and is often used in movies. The skies you see when watching a movies are quite dramatic or are perfectly exposed. Well most of these skies are probably placed there in post production. Which is very obvious of course. Because it’s impossible to control the weather and sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for a better sky. So the normal thing to do is film it and then replace it in Post Production. Another reason to do a sky replacement is the look of the sky. In some scenes you need that extra punch of drama and a sky can give that!

Sky replacement

Of course the sky also depends on the genre of you film. Maybe you are creating a sci-fi movie and need some planets in your sky. Just open up After Effects, track your shot, replace the sky and boom you made another Star Wars movie. Okay maybe it’s not the easy but you know what I mean. I mostly say film it correctly and don’t fix it in post. But the sky is maybe an exception in some cases. This you can fix in post production.

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