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7 Premiere Pro features you didn’t know Before

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

audio tool, custom effect, custom labels, loudness radar, premiere pro 2020, production panel, project shortcuts

Hidden features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 you might not know about. From audio tools to the new Production panel, learn how to use these new features in this tutorial video.

Premiere Pro features

Every time you get the feeling that you know your software, someone mentions some features that you haven’t heard of. And don’t forget that each new update also brings along some never seen before features. Well recently we discovered 7 features in Premiere Pro that you probably haven’t heard of.

Loudness Radar

We actually never knew about this before we came across this one on the internet. It’s basically a visualization of the loudness of your sequence. You can find this in the effects rack of the audio track mixer. With this Loudness Radar you can clearly see if a clip is too loud (it will be shown as yellow) and if two clips have the same loudness or not. It’s a super useful feature to use so definitely check it out.

Project Shortcuts

You probably already know that you can import projects into another Premiere Pro project. But did you know that you can import them as a shortcut? What this basically does is it creates a kind of shortcut link to the project instead of importing all the assets from it into your project. You can open up this project and browse through it. A great workflow for this is to create a Master project and then make sub projects for your rushes, your music and sfx, your title sequences, …


This is a new feature of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020, it’s a super useful way of working with larger projects and organizations. When you enable project locking, multiple people can work on a production and you can see who is working in which project. You can also lock projects so that only you can work on it. You can also use this function for normal projects.

Loudness Radar Premiere Pro
Loudness Radar

Custom Labels in Project Panel

When you right click on the labels and go to metadata display you can create a new property (label). You can, for example, create an input label to tell which clip is what kind of shot. That way you can label your clips as ‘close up’ or ‘medium shot’, making it super easy to keep everything organized and sort your clips.

Custom Effects Bin

In the effects panel we can create a custom bin, you can for example name this ‘my effects’ and drag all the effects in it that you often use. That way you will never have to look for the effects again, you can just keep your custom bin open the entire time to get quick access to your favorite or most used effects.

Effect Presets

Whenever you apply an effect to a clip and want to save that effect you can choose how you want to apply that preset to future clips. This will always refer to your keyframes. You can either choose to apply it based on the scale, which will see your keyframes as a percentage. If you’ve applied the last keyframe in the middle of your clip, it will always place the last keyframe in the middle of other clips you’ll apply the effect to. Doesn’t matter if they are shorter or longer, it will always be in the middle.

When choosing in point, it will always start at the same amount of frames starting from your in point. This preset is mostly choosing because the effect itself will always be the same length, making it a consistent effect. Out point will count the amount of frames from the outpoint to keyframes. This will cause longer clips to have the effect further in the middle instead of in the beginning of your clip. So I don’t really recommend using this one.

Audio Track Keyframes

As you may know, using the pen tool you can create keyframes in your audio clips. This way you can make specific portions of a clip louder or more silent. But what if you want to adjust the entire track? Well you can do this by expanding your track and clicking on the keyframes menu and selection track keyframes, volume. Now you can create keyframes all over the entire track and the good thing about this is that you can add new audio clips or replace existing ones and it doesn’t affect the keyframes.

New production panel
New Production in Premiere Pro 2020


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