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Clean Logo Reveal animation in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Logo Reveal, premiere pro, Track Matte Key

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Create a clean logo reveal in Premiere Pro. Learn how to animate a square animation with the Track Matte key for your dynamic brand video.

When creating a logo reveal, you want to achieve a maximum brand recognition. A logo has the purpose of recognition. If somebody sees your logo, your viewer has to immediately know what company they are looking at. In this tutorial we explain how you can make a Square logo reveal in Premiere Pro and how you can use the Track Matte key effect to create awesome, but simple effects.

When creating a company or even a YouTube-channel, the logo is an essential part of your brand. It’s on the front-lines and provides a recognition point for your followers/viewers/clients. So when designing your logo, really think about the style you want. You can try to create it yourself if you have the skills and the know how of the right software. We normally use illustrator for creating vector logos. You have much more pen tool functions and freedom to design your logo. Also an advantage for working with vectors is that you can scale them as big as you want, they won’t show pixels on the edges! But it is also wise to ask a professional to create a logo for you. They are specialized and can create something timeless for you brand.

In this tutorial we use the track matte key effect. It is one of our favorite effects, it can  be very powerful an dis simple to set up. It allows you to create blended layers that you can animate. This means you can reveal a clip through another clip, using it as a matte. The Track matte will use the white area of you matte to show the clip through and everything that is black will be transparent.

For example:

Track Matte
Footage with the Track Matte

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