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Control Somebody with your Mind (Telekinesis) in Premiere Pro

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

After Effects, stunt, telekinesis

How to take control over objects or people with the Telekinesis effect in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Inspired by the KPOP music video ‘BULLET TO THE HEART’ by Jackson Wang.

I need to be honest with you guys. At first we never listens to Kpop in the studio but the more videos we make about it the more it grows on us. We even play the song while working on videos! You could say we are becoming real stans. So when Jackson Wang released his song Bullet To The Heart we had to recreate the effects from the music video.

For some of these effects we need to attach our self to a rope. To do this safely you need a stunt harness or some sort of climbing gear if you go the DIY way. At the studio we always use a climbing pants to attach our ropes to. This is designed for around the waist and legs but with some creativity you can use this all around the body(not always super comfortable take that from me ?)

climbing gear
Climbing Pants

The only problem you can encounter is that with this kind of gear it doesn’t stay 100% flat against the body so you can have bumps under your clothing where the ropes sits. As you can see here these bump can end up looking a bit stranger.

jordy floating in the air
Jordy Floating (Billy Eilish -bury a friend)

Because of these reasons and that we use it from time to time we are looking for a professional stunt harness. These are made to sit flat against the body which will make the effect look better and will also be more comfortable to wear when hanging in the air. These are also the same harnesses people use in professional movies and music videos.

Stunt harness
Professional Stunt Harness

StoryBlocks Video

This video was supported by Storyblocks Video, an easy to use site full of stock footage, After Effects templates, backgrounds, motion Graphics and much more.

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