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copy Infinite money with this editing trick (premiere pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Copying money, premiere pro, Zach King

Learn how to copy money like Vinemaster Zach King in this Premiere Pro video tutorial. Use simple editing tricks to create a realistic effect.

Due to popular demand and breaking records for our channel we decided to do another Zach King Tutorial. And how knows maybe when this is also a success, we can make Zach King tutorials every month. This time we wanted to achieve the effect without using a green screen because in the last few tutorials we used it a lot. So we used some clever editing tricks and practical effects to create the illusion of copying the money.

Of course the effect would be much easier with using a green screen, like in Hollywood where they use a green screen for almost every effect. You would be amazed how much they use it to achieve the perfect shot. In some film the actors are even in a special suit so they can be transformed in every thing imaginable. A good example for this is Avatar, where the actors wear green dots on their face. With a facial recognizing camera and software they can then create life like effects with human emotions.


If you don’t have a professional studio at you disposal or in the neighborhood. You can always build one yourself! In a previous video we explained how you can create you own green screen on the cheap. In this Green Screen DIY tutorial we cover it from A till Z. And if you already have a green screen but are wondering how to pull of the perfect Chroma Key, you can always follow our Chroma Key tutorial about using Premiere Pro for the perfect key.


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