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Animate a Social Card with the New Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Essential Graphics, premiere pro, Template

Animate a social card with the new Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro, save it as a template and integrate Social Media in your videos.

A few weeks ago, Adobe released a new update for Premiere Pro and After Effects. This meant a whole lot of new features, for this tutorial we worked with the new Essential Graphics workflow. A tool that makes it easy to set up templates with elements such as text, rectangles,… that can be used in both After Effects and Premiere Pro. It makes it easier to work with text and animating it in Premiere Pro. But also makes the dynamic link between After Effects and Premiere Pro smoother and better.

The Essential Graphics tool allows users to keep their most important elements organised and in one place. These elements are now easy to update or change. The biggest advantage of the graphics tool is the easy way to convert your motion designs to a template. For example you can save your intricate animation in After Effects as a template and load it in Premiere Pro. You can then easily change specifying adjustment properties available in Premiere such as  color, text, opacity,… This allows the editor to easily make adjustments to the composition without having to go back to After Effects for revisions.

How to Import Template

  1. Open the Essential Graphic Panel.
  2. Within the browse tab, click on the map icon right from the Essential Graphics drop down.
  3. Search for your template, select it and press Open.
  4. Drag the template from the list into your sequence.

Premium Beat

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5 thoughts on “Animate a Social Card with the New Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro”

  1. The text is not going down in the second part of the animation. When the text is about go leave and go down, I followed your example, and added a key frame so the text can go back to the mask, but it doesn’t do anything :/

  2. After I made all the animation myself, I realized that Asher would also download it. So I downloaded that I will also have your version but I can not open the Premier
    I would be happy to help .. Thank you very much


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