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Custom transition in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Animation, Custom Transition, premiere pro

Design and animate a custom transition in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to use the Track Matte effect to map two video clips to one custom animation.

The Premiere Pro effects library holds many transitions. But those transitions can’t be adjusted. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a completely unique transition that can be adjusted in any direction.

The idea is to create a transition that can be used multiple times and / or adjusted easily. We’ll import a black and a white color matte into a sequence. Put them on top of each other and create an animation to reveal one layer. You could for example add the crop effect to the upper layer which which will reveal the bottom layer of you animate one of its properties. If black is on top, it will reveal the white matte.

Then take the sequence in which you’ve made your custom transition and nest it into your real edit. Put it on top of two clip that overlap each other. Now add the “Track Matte Key” effect to both layers and map one to the whites of the transition and the other one to the blacks.

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