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how to fake trick shots in premiere pro (super easy)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Charity for better education, editing tips and tricks, Practical effects, premiere pro, Robin Hood

Learn how to shoot an apple from someone’s head with an easy editing trick in Adobe Premiere Pro. Inspired by the deadly trick shots of Robin Hood the film, in thus tutorial you’ll learn how to shoot any anything!

It’s Friday guys, almost weekend and almost Christmas. Jordy’s favorite holiday of the year. But before all this, there is our favorite day. Copy Cat Friday! And today we are going to do a life threatening stunt. Something that puts all our lives here at Cinecom in danger. We are going to recreate Robin Hood and his shooting abilities. We are going to recreate this in Premiere Pro with some clever Editing tricks and Practical effects. So don’t worry, we are quite safe.

Robin Hood shooting bow and arrow

You probably all know Robin Hood as a vigilante who fights for the people. In every tale and film about him, he is an archer who steals from the rich and corrupt to give it all back to the poor. A real hero making the world a better place. Well  we aren’t heroes and we don’t steal from the rich, we aren’t even decent archers. But we are trying to help people and make the world a little better. This Tuesday we announced  we reached one million subscribers. In this video we told you all that we decided not to do a give away. But instead of this we brought out a video creator pack.

But the most important of all, we decided to support a charity in Sri Lanka. The charity is called ‘ A heart for Sri Lanka’ and they focus on a better education for the youth in Sri Lanka. The main focus of the project is to provide financial assistance for the underprivileged school children. But also to teach English to the children and parents. However the infrastructure they are based at in Sri Lanka is outdated and needs renovations. Also they are in need of educational tools and more modern equipment. And that’s where we decide to come in and started a GoFundMe page in their name. We want to use the opportunity of our one million celebration, together with your help we would like to support and help more children with better education.


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