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How to Duplicate Text in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

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Learn how to duplicate text or a title in Premiere Pro. Create a template or use our Simple Titles templates multiple times in the same project.

A very often question we get is how Premiere Pro users van duplicate a text. Or they’re using our designer pack Simple Titles, or they have created their own text template and would like to use it multiple times in their project. If you’re just going to copy and paste the title file from your sequence or timeline, you will find out quickly that when you change the text of one title, the source of the copied text has also changed.

This problem is due to the title files in your timeline are linked to a source file in your project window. When understanding this principle we know that we must duplicate the text inside the project panel first and then drag the new source to the timeline. However, this could mean a lot of work when you need to duplicate many titles files. For example, when making subtitles.

The trick here is to duplicate it via the timeline and you can simply do that my alt + dragging the desired text tile to a different spot in the timeline. This makes a duplication/copy in your project panel and links the new copy to the one in your timeline.

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15 thoughts on “How to Duplicate Text in Premiere Pro”

  1. Jordy, I do a lot of 60/30/15/7sec cut downs of same video with duplicate text in each version. With Legacy Titles it was easy to change the text on one version for all of its duplicates. How can I do this in Essential Graphics?

  2. I’ve tried everything in the video & other suggestions that are written here, but nothing seems to be working for me. No matter how many different ways I try to make a copy, or replace the sequence with it’s copy, or alt + drag new “copy” title clips… it still edits the source file every time.
    I have 2019 version.. Need to install a RAM upgrade to upgrade to 2020.
    Any suggestions? 🙂

  3. I don’t have the -TEXT file in the sequence and I copped all the tracks, make the whole tracks different then the first one, and then changed the text. BUT STILL NOT WORK! why this happens?

  4. To do this in 2016 Premier Pro, I found instead I had to create a duplicate title in the Title Files folder (selece the title you want to duplicate, right click and duplicate). Then go back to the sequence and rename the title of the title video track to the duplicated title and then right click on that video layer in the sequence and select ‘replace from bin’.

  5. amazing tip, thnx

    This info is hard to find, a lot of websites tell you to duplicate the clip in the project window but this is much easier, also because I want to copy and duplicate a lot of clips at the same time and then alter them, without changing the other edit of the clip.

    @ adobe: a “paste and duplicate” function would be handy

  6. Funnily, the select title + Alt and drag doesn’t create a copy in my Premiere CS6, but duplicates the same. And I can’t find the menu item to create a copy of the title without the shortcut… Do you have a suggestion? Thanks


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