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Editing Magic: make yourself giant with Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, premiere pro

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Become a GIANT with magic editing tricks inside Premiere Pro. Make fun videos by peeking into buildings or sitting in your tiny house.

Visual effects don’t always have to be about explosions or complex 3D animations. When done right, a simple but well placed cut or mask could leave your audience baffled. The greatest example is creator Zach King. Every day millions of people watch his very entertaining videos.

Over the past time we’ve made several videos around Zach King where we broke down how he did it. But Zach isn’t the only editing magician. This week we came across Kevin Pary who sometimes does very similar things like Zach (guess we know where his inspiration comes from 😉 ), but also has some unique ideas.

The Cut

Often it’s a simple cut that can create stunning editing magic. For example; you trow a ball against a wall and then you trow some MnM’s to the wall from the same camera point. In editing you just cut right before the ball hits the wall to the starts of the MnM’s hitting the wall.
Now it seems like the ball exploded into MnM’s when it hit the wall. A very fun video, but oh so simple to make 🙂

So think about it yourself, what else can you magically make happen with the simple cut technique? Sure did Zach King use this often!

Zach King Editing Magic
Zach King

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The music you heard at the beginning came from Premiumbeat, you can find the song called Fairies at the Night here.

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4 thoughts on “Editing Magic: make yourself giant with Premiere Pro”

  1. Isn’t it true that After Effects & Premiere Pro are virtually the same? As least, you probably don’t need both ?? What are the differences?

    • It’s very different actually. Premiere Pro is meant for cutting, color corrections and other basic tasks. After Effects is meant for visual effects and 2D animations. A lot of the things that we do in our tutorials is normally not done in Premiere Pro, but we believe such ‘advanced’ techniques are great to learn Premiere Pro better in a fun way. If you wanna learn more about After Effects I can highly recommend to check out


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