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Editing Magic: Playing With TIME (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Macro Room, Slow Motion, Time Remapping

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Learn how to play with time like Macro Rooms. Edit slow slow motion with real time video in this editing magic Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

Editing Magic

These past days our DM’s were bombarded with one specific video circulating on Instagram. We got so many request we had no other choice than to take on this effect. The video I’m talking about is the Slow Motion cookie drop from Macro Room. Here you can see the cookie falling in the milk in slow motion while the actor moves at normal speed.

Macro Room
Macro Room Slow Motion Cookie Drop

Watching this video really reminded us of Zack King and his editing magic. They both play around with masks and cuts to create simple but amazing looking effects. And this is not the only effect that the Macro Room has, he actually is already doing these type of videos for a while!

Egg Smash Time Control

Another video that I really like of his guy is the one where he puts down an egg in a pan and smashes it without touching it, time reverses it and picks it back up. And believe it or not but this is actually pretty simple too!

Macro Room
Macro Room Egg Smash Time Control

The set and camera setup are exactly the same as we did in our video. For this you’ll also need to take two shots. The first one is where you put an egg down on the pan, do the hand movement of exploding it and picking it back up. For the second one you’ll need to smash the egg on the point where it was laying before.

When you bring this in Premiere Pro you can look for the point where both shots should line up to create a nice cut. Here you can mask shot 2 in exactly like we did in our video. To make the transition smoother you can mask in the egg from shot 2 while simultaneously masking out the egg from shot 1. Also don’t forget to speed ramp the transition from fast to still and back to create this time freeze effect. Once the egg goes back just close the mask of shot 2 until that eggs is gone and you’re left with the egg from shot 1, which is the one that will be picked up.

And that’s how easy you can smash and time control an egg without touching it!


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