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Fake the Bottle Cap Challenge (Premiere Pro)

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Learn in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial how to do the ultimate Bottle cap challenge. With simple tips and tricks you can even beat Jason Statham and join the latest viral internet challenge.

It’s Friday again which means it’s CopyCat Friday and boy did we look forward to it! Not only because we love making videos but also because it has been up to almost 40°C here and were are NOT used to that ? So this deserve an ice cold beverage which we had to open in the only acceptable way possible in this summer of 2019, which is the bottle cap challenge. This is why today we’ll teach you how to fake this challenge, but we wouldn’t be Cinecom if we didnt took it a notch up. We’ll teach you how to open not one but multiple bottles at the same time! We’ll use some cleaver practical effects so that everybody can do this.

I know I know, faking it is not as cool as being able to do it for real… Some people even say Jason Statham faked it. But after looking at it, we noticed that the fake was a fake,  FAKECEPTION.

jason statham bottle cap fake

Even-tough they created a fake version of it, it’s still impressive to see how they did it. They recreated a bottle where the cap flew off in a 3D software called Cinema4D. This clip they composited onto the footage of him “fake kicking” the bottle and so faking the whole effect. This shows that you can create effects in so many ways from simple practical effect to advanced 3D models. So what I want to say it that there are so many ways to recreate effects, just be creative and explore all possible paths!

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