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Fake a Slam Dunk in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Copy Cat friday, editing tips and tricks, Epic Slam Dunk, Fake Tricks, premiere pro

Video editors fake a slam dunk contest in a visual effects challenge. Inspired by the slam dunk and Derrick Jones Jr., Jordy and Yannick create their own ultimate slam dunk using visual effects using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Today Copy Cat was a little bit different, we mixed it up with some CineBattle sauce. And boy it was quite delicious. Of course like every Copy Cat Friday, we still need an awesome subject. Last weekend I was watching the Slam Dunk Contest and thought to myself that’s awesome, I also want to do that. Sadly I can only jump like 8 inch high,  just not enough to be a professional basketball player. But I do have the power of editing, so I decided to fake a dunk. And to keep it in the spirit of the slam dunk contest, I challenged Jordy. Because what is a contest without any competition? Well probably just a normal Copy Cat Friday, but this is also fun.

For this effect I also tried something new, an empty shot with movement on the end. When I do my lift off you can see the shot tilting towards the sky. These are two separate shots, one tripod shot where I run towards the camera and jump up. I then move out of the screen and go to my camera. Unlock the tilt lock and tilt upwards. Then in post production is can speed ramp the empty tilt shot, so it goes really fast. Then cut it on the right spot and place it against the running jump shot. And if you have done this correctly, you will have a seamless cut and a shot the tilt upward. Easy as that.

Insane Slam Dunk

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5 thoughts on “Fake a Slam Dunk in Premiere Pro”

  1. I gotta give it to Yannick on this one. A little more attention to detail with the swaying basketball hoop after the dunk and the hole poked in the cloud. Great stuff by both!

  2. Great job guys! Both were valiant efforts, but I have to go with Jordy’s version. His humor got me, as well as his timing. Sorry Yannick!


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