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Faster Editing tips and tricks for Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Edit faster, Tips & tricks, Workflow

Learn to edit faster with Adobe Premiere Pro in this tutorial video and speed up your workflow with these tips and tricks.

Your time is precious. You want to make sure you’re spending that time in the creative process and not with technical things.

Getting your clips in the right place on your timeline requires a certain action. That action begins with loading the clips from your camera. As mentioned in the tutorial, it’s important to organize everything from the first step. How many times are you looking for missing clips or forgot where you stored certain files? That takes up more time than if you would organize from the start.

Besides being organized, there’re more things for a faster editing workflow. Like working with shortcuts,  adjusting the Premiere Pro workspace to specific actions or making sure your computer will run faster. If your computer isn’t that fast you can chose to purchase a new one, but you don’t always have to.

We can find several techniques like working with proxies or changing the amount of RAM memory Premiere Pro can use. All of these techniques are shown in the tutorial video.

Back in film school we had an assignment to shoot a news report. The idea was to film, edit and deliver the final video before 4 PM. We where also more selective in camera shots to leave us with lesser choices in the editing. Those who had filmed a lot had trouble delivering before 4PM, even though the final result wasn’t a longer video. So try to edit in your mind while filming, only film the shots you’ll need. When you’re driving back home or to the editing suite, think of which clips you’ll place where.

Having this outline in your will speed up your editing workflow a lot.


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