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3 VFX from Travis Scott – Franchise in Premiere Pro and After Effects

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

After Effects, Kendrick Lamar, premiere pro, Travis Scott

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Recreate 3 music video Effects from Franchise by Travis Scott in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects. Learn how to use green keying, blending and other easy tricks to achieve these Effects.

Good Old Friend

Travis Scott is an old friend here at Cinecom. Whenever he releases a new Music Video you guys spam us with request! Don’t take me wrong, we don’t mind at all! We already did 12 different effects spread over 6 video. And now we’re adding 3 NEW effect to it with this weeks video!

Here you’ll see us tackle the 3 most recognizable effects. Which are the Clone shot, No Eyes Shot and of course the Floating away shot.

Even the big stars look at others

If you know and follow him you know he does more than making music. Next to doing his music he also loves to direct his music videos. This he does together with other directors like Dave Meyers for example with HIGHEST IN THE ROOM. But he also can do it alone as he proved with FRANCHISE.

And there is one shot in the whole video that I instantly recognized and you probably too when you saw it.

Travis Scott Franchise
Shot out of the Music Video FRANCHISE by Travis Scott

This shot reminds me of HUMBLE. A Music Video that hit 700 MILLION views on Youtube.

Kendrick Lamar Humble
Shot out of the Music Video HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

Its clear that Travis was highly inspired but still gave his own twist to this shot. And that’s what you should do too! If you likes someone’s work and are inspired by it, use it! But don’t just blatantly copy it, give your own flare to it. Make it personal or try something new with it. As you see even the biggest stars do it.

There is this saying “good artists copy, great artists steal” which is 100% true. Almost nothing really is truly original. We take inspiration from others and are able to make it our own. As you can perfectly see in this example.

Storyblocks Video

This video was sponsored by Storyblocks. It’s an enormous online library full of high quality HD and 4K stock clips, After Effects templates, collections and much more. We use the library on a weekly base to download overlay effects, like smoke, dust particles, flares,… You can download an unlimited amount of clips for only one price per year so it’s super useful to have.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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