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lift Up Cars like Zach King (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, premiere pro, Zach King

Another fun Zach King tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to pick up a riding car. Your next video editing magic trick to show off to your friends. Wanna see more Zach King tutorials? Then follow the playlist on this page.

Guess what?! It’s Copy Cat Friday again! Last week we did a video about our favorite music artist, today we are doing a tutorial video about our favorite editing magician, Zach King. He’s not posting as much as he did on vine. But we still have enough inspiration from all his old work. So this week  we are tackling a technique he often uses in his videos. The technique I’m talking about is taking a life-size object like a car and grabbing it to turn it into a toy version of it. In this tutorial we explain how you can achieve this with simple editing tricks.

As you probably already know or figured out, Zach King is one of our inspirations. Not only does he have amazing editing skills and creative ideas, he is also a business man and teacher. He started to make films at a very young age and trained himself in Final Cut Pro. After he found out there were almost no tutorials for the software, he started his site Finalcutking.com. So at the age of 18 he was already teaching people how to edit. After he gained an audience, he started selling training seminars to pay for his college. Which he graduated as a Cinema and media arts major.

With the projects he made during his period in school, he really started to get views. In 2013 Youtube noticed this and named him one of the 25 most promising young film makers in America. After his success on Youtube he also started to post on Vine. This was the point he completely broke through and made him famous. Now he still teaches film making on his Youtube Channel and in online courses on his website. A true inspiration to us, because as you know we want to do the same thing as him. We have our Youtube channel that is making a name for itself and we are teaching online courses. So we hope that we can expand our knowledge in the future and share it even more with you guys!

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