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Create a Retro Title Animation (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations

80s, Animation, motion graphics, retro, title effect, transform effect

Learn how to create an 80s retro title animation with basic motion graphics effects in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

retro Title Animation

When watching videos on the internet it is very noticable that vintage and retro effects are very likeable and trending. Especially the 80s retro style VHS effects and text animations. So this week we decided to create an 80s inspired retro title animation that can be completely created with the essential graphics panel and some basic effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to get started?

The best way to get started is by opening up Premiere Pro of course. Then we’re going to create a title, this can be done by hitting T on your keyboard or by clicking the text icon in the toolbar. Once that’s done, open the essential graphics panel.

Now it’s time to customize your title to your likings. The only thing I recommend is to align it to the center of your screen. Then dissable the fill and give the title a bright stroke, don’t make it too thick.

Animating your title

For the animation of your title you can do whatever you like but I like it when it comes on screen and turns to it’s position. Then I’m going to apply the echo effect which creates a nice echo path on my title animation. I want the title to glow a bit but since most of the glow effects inside Premiere are really bad I create my own. I do this by diplicating the title and applying gaussian blur to the bottom layer.

Next I’m making a second title with a different stroke color and a fill color. For the fill I use a linear gradient. Then I nest the first two titles together and animate a crop effect on it so it will dissappear. I apply a crop effect to the second title as well and make it appear. To top it of I place another glow on the second title and add a background underneath it all. This background is downloaded from Storyblocks.

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