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How to Create Captions and Speech to Text (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Learn how to create captions and transcribe speech to text with the newest Adobe Premiere Pro feature in this beginner tutorial.

How to create caption in Premiere pro?

Currently we can simply add captions by going into the project panel, hitting the new item icon and selecting captions. This creates a captions layer in the timeline. You can drag it to make it longer or shorter. If you then open up the captions menu from the windows menu you can see the text field and the timecodes of the caption.

Captions Panel in Premiere Pro

The hateful thing about this is that you have to manually listen to your sentence, tap the plus icon, write your text, make sure that it’s the proper length and repeat that over and over again.

How to use speech to text in premiere pro?

There is a brand new feature in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s currently available for a limited amount of people through a closed bèta. But soon it will be available for everyone through the open bèta version.

We’ve had the opportunity to test it and it works amazingly well! The feature brings a brand new panel to Premiere, the text panel, here you have two subpanels. Transcript and Captions. From the transcription subpanel you can easily press a single button and it will automatically turn all the spoken audio from your timeline to text. You can choose your language, the amount of speakers and if there any mistakes you can easily alter these manually.

Transcript panel

Once you’re all done, you can create captions from this panel. This will create a new track in your timeline. This is a special track that is only for subtitles / captions. With this new feature also comes a better way to stylize your captions. This can be done from the essential graphics panel now. You can even save your style so that you can re-use it later.

Essential graphics panel

Learn more about premiere pro and captions

If you want to learn more advanced techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro or want to learn more about the use of captions, have a look at our Advanced Premiere Pro Class on Skillshare. The first two weeks of your subscription are completely for free. And it will grant you access to thousands of classes.

2 thoughts on “How to Create Captions and Speech to Text (Premiere Pro Tutorial)”

  1. Please helppppp!
    I didnt find the “transcript” panel in my Premiere Pro 2021 V15.
    I tried on different versions but i dont find it.


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