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mass clone yourself in premiere pro

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Clone yourself, premiere pro, Star Wars

Learn how to clone yourself massively in Adobe Premiere Pro. Create your own Star Wars stormtrooper Clone army with this advanced cloning technique.

Clone Yourself

It’s Copy Cat again and today we are doing something I have been looking forward to for a long while! We are doing something around Star Wars! And as you probably could guess, I’m a star wars Geek. However Jordy didn’t saw the movies for some reason, but hey what does he know about films?! In today’s tutorial we are going to create a Clone army of Jordy Troopers, ready to serve Darth Yannick.

We once mentioned how to simply clone yourself when standing next to your clone. This can easily be done with some simple masking on a tripod shot. But when you want to create an army of yourself, you have to use some extra tricks to make it realistic. One very important thing you need for a successful cloning is a good green screen. This makes the cloning a lot easier! If you want to build your own green screen at home, just check out our tutorial about the DIY build.

Another important aspect when creating an army is the lighting! This can really make or break your shot, if the lighting of your army is different from the location they are in, it will be obvious that it’s fake. So pay attention to the placing of you lights. And if you want to place you army in a outside shot, look at sun and where it’s coming from and how hard it is. Another option is setting up your green screen outside, then you’ll two shots will definitely match.


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