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Inception Effect in Premiere Pro (by Ariana Grande)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

adobe, Ariana grande, inception, inception effect, premiere pro, prespective world, visual effect

Learn how to bend the world in Adobe Premiere Pro and create an inception like effect from the music video ‘No Tears left to Cry’ from Ariana Grande.

Welcome back to Copy Cat Friday and today we are tackling an effect from a new music video or is it from an old movie? Mmm, now I’m confused! No, I’m just joking. But the effect that we are going to recreate is the perspective bending world effect from Inception and now also from Ariana Grande. In her new music video, you can see her in a city build in a square. You can definitely see that Ariana was inpsired by Inception for here music video.

Something I really like about Inception is of course the story. Because it’s super good! But what I actually mean are the special effects. Which are breathtaking and most of them are real which makes it even more impressive. With films being saturated with digital effects, real live effects can real improve your movie. That’s why director Christopher Nolan specially sought for a analog special effects master and found it with Chris Corbould. Together they searched for practical effects and as many as they could think of.

But you can already guess that the perspective bending world is done in Post Production. That effect is a little bit to hard to do in real life. But the explosions and the fight in the rotating hall is all done in real life. These effects give more authenticity to the movie and will let actors act better. For example, when you let a bomb explode behind the actor he will react more realistic to that explosion then when they stand for a green screen and somebody yells explosion. So your movie can really benefit from using practical effects and can even stand out in a world full of digital effects.

Inception Practical Effects: Explosions


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