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Infinite Transition by A$AP Rocky (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

A$AP Rocky, Adobe Premiere Pro, Masking, Motion control, Music Video, Offset

Learn how to create and Infinite loop transition from the music video ‘Kids Turned Out Fine’ by A$AP Rocky in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial.

In this week’s Copy Cat Friday we aren’t recreating one music video, but two. In the newest video from Offset and A$AP Rocky, you have this effect where the camera moves from the left to the right. Nothing special you think. But while moving the camera, they use a certain object or person as a foreground. Then they use this foreground and mask to the right of it and so introducing the new scene. This will leave you with a smooth transition from scene to the next scene.

Both of the clips use the same effect, but they execute it a little bit different then each other. In Offset’s music video they use a motion controlled pan head to create a circular movement that moves constantly at the same speed. This will make it easier to combine the scenes. As they all move in the same arc and speed, it’s much easier to mask and match. In contrast with this, in A$AP Rocky’s clip they made their shots handheld or with a gimbal. Here they really move throughout the scene, creating more dynamic. Another thing they did differently, are the actors that are standing still. It’s like you are moving throughout a snapshot of the moment. Some actors are even hanging still in mid air, while the camera moves around them.


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2 thoughts on “Infinite Transition by A$AP Rocky (Premiere Pro Tutorial)”

  1. First, your site and youtube training videos are very helpful so. . . Thank you!

    I am fairly new to post editing and have a question about frame rates that I am trying to wrap my head around. Since I am a motorcycle enthusiast my videos tend to be from two sources, phone and GoPro7. I typically record at the standard 30fps from my phone but record at 60fps with GoPro.

    Apparently I have a problem with slomo because my end result with slomo looks choppy so my question is with Adobe Premiere Pro cc. so with using 60fps with 30fps, what should my starting sequence fps be… 60? or 30, Im trying to get good slomo but hate the choppy dropped frames look. Thank you very much


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