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Is it time to leave Premiere Pro?

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, New features, Update

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 released version 14.2 in May. This update brought some cool features like ProRes RAW support, Hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVEC encoding and many more.

Premiere Pro 14.2

Like you all probably know, Premiere Pro has a new update. The latest version is called 14.2 and promises some very big changes. Well they are not really big, just some necessary ones that were due a long time ago. They finally worked on the stability of the program and better support of the ProRes codec.

Personally that is the best improvement they did in years. Every old update focused on features such as new effects and so on. They were cool and I liked them. But due to the crashes and instability we never updated past 2019. And that’s really sad, when you pay for software.

Because you always aspect to have the newest and best version. But that isn’t always true with Premiere Pro. Like Jordy explains in this weeks video, we often experience crashes when working on bigger projects. And believe me, that’s super frustrating. Definitely when you are working with a tight deadline.

Panda Cheese commercial: Destroying Computer
Panda Cheese commercial: Destroying Computer

New Features

But like I said, with this new version they worked on stability. And they are right, after testing the latest version for some time now, we can confirm that Premiere Pro is more stable then before. I’m not saying that the crashes are completely gone, but they are less frequent.

Now besides working on the stability, they also have some other new and cool features. Like the support for ProRes RAW files. This means that Premiere Pro finally let’s you edit ProRes RAW files or better let you use the RAW functions. So grading your ProRes files will become a whole lot easier.

Another feature worth mentioning is the hardware-accelerated encoding for H.264 and HEVC. When you enable this function when you are going to export, Premiere Pro will use your hardware to export your clip faster. And this really works. However they say that it will Export up to 4 times faster then normal. This is of course not the case. We tested it multiple times and Hardware encoding will make your export faster, but like 50% faster. And it’s not 4 times faster like they promise, but it will lower your waiting time.

Waiting for your edit to finish
Waiting for your edit to finish

3 thoughts on “Is it time to leave Premiere Pro?”

  1. Da Vinci Resolve!!! And Affinity Photo and Designer!!! I havent needed to use Adobe for 4 years now. And updates have been free!

  2. Thanks for the update on Premiere. I too have run into those same issues.

    Have you guys ever used DaVinci Resolve? I bought the BM Pocket 4K camera and have been tooling around with DaVinci. I really love it’s ability with color adjustments and has zero issues with playback. But alas, it does have issues with renders occasionally too. Maybe someday we’ll get editing software that is flawless.

    Anyways keep up the great videos and stay healthy!


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