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Multi camera editing: Everything you have to know

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

editing, Live Shows, Multi camera Editing, Post Production, premiere pro

Edit faster with multiple camera angles in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial. Use simple tips to master multi camera editing.

Hello guys, It’s time for another Creative Tuesday and today we are showing you a new way of editing, Multi camera editing. This is a technique that is mostly used in live shows and tv shows. Like the name says, you film your scene with multiple cameras at once. Then in post production you sync all the cameras. After this you can start switching between them to which shot you want. It’s a fast way of creating a edit with different camera angles. But the biggest advantage of this technique is that you don’t have to stop the show to get multiple shots of what’s happening. Just place enough cameras and start filming. There will always be one camera who has the perfect shot.

Of course the style of editing is quite restricted to the amount of cameras you have. For example, a fast cutting style is not so easy to pull of as you always switch between the same angles. But again every style of editing has his downsides and upsides. And some are more suitable for specific kind of jobs then others. So you always should know what you want before you start filming.

Think before you shoot

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